“71% of internet users are more likely to purchase from a brand that they are following on a social networking site such as Twitter or Facebook?” (CMO Council, 2014)

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Do you have a
Business* Social Media Presence?

If yes, you likely already have an understanding of the importance of social media. Therefore, please proceed below to review which BizSocially Services we will offer you to remain consistently socially connected. If no, it seems like we can offer you some guidance on how to proceed from here. In this case, please review our social media presence activation service to gain some information of what we can offer to get your business presence active.

*Unlike a personal page, business pages allow you to have a presence where anyone on the Internet can see you. Especially relevant to you is the fact that those visitors may “Like/Follow” your business persona and continue to connect to you as they wish. If you aren’t sure what kind of social media presence your business has or need help figuring out what you have, don’t worry, we are here for you. We are happy to review your profiles and suggest the best practice next step for you when you simply click on the following button:

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Staying Socially Connected Using
BizSocially Services

First of all, we offer a variety of core subscription services and additional support services to enhance your social media presence and marketing plan. Additionally, we have the experience to implement a program strategically, yet in a cost effective manner. Consider our broad offering to help your business remain socially connected to your followers. Click on an icon below to find out more:

Core Subscription Services

Ordering more than one of any of the following Core Subscription services will offer pricing discounts on all of the Core services.

Additional Services

These BizSocially services are an important addition to a robust digital brand management plan.

What's Next?

It is important to highlight that with all BizSocially services, you can count on real people working through the process with you. It is noteworthy to state once you place your order, we have a 3-step engagement process:

we become acquainted with you and your business and welcome you to the BizSocially family

we get to know you through some fact-finding processes including obtaining necessary information for us to provide you with the services

we engage a multi-step process (depending upon the particular service(s) ordered) to get your social media program underway

Whether you are seasoned in using social media for your business or you barely know the difference between being “liked” vs. “connected,” the BizSocially social media program will guide you to an effective social media solution for your business.

Learn more about social media best  practices:
Social Media Service FAQ