Commissioned Posts

$100 minimum fee

BizSocially can create unique and content targeted posts for your business. The base fee for a post is $100 for up to a 300 word post. Each word beyond 300 will be charged upon article signoff and per word cost will depend on industry and content type. We will provide you with final file for upload to your website blog or we can host it for you on our server and simply provide the URL path.


You want completely unique content to be posted then we’ll create just for you, never to be offered to any other business? We have the solution for you here, and at a compelling low cost to boot! Our commissioned posts service creates content specifically for you and only for you.

Who is this service for?

  • All businesses implementing a social media marketing program
  • Any business seeking to stay socially connected and reinforce their chosen business persona…

All industry verticals are supported.

Informational messages are essential to an effective social media strategy, but nothing can replace content specifically developed to reflect your business’ approach and value proposition, and/or industry developments. Through our commissioned posts support service, we are able to create unique content to help your target audience better understand what your business offers and why. BizSocially can host this content for you or you can use it on your website.

Please contact us to learn more or to get started with your BizSocially program.

No pressure…just answers. Really!