Social Media Advertising

Setup Fee – $50 / Advertising Costs to be Quoted

Put the power of social media advertisingto work for your business. Your social media presence should expand beyond your organic connections. Now that you have all of the pieces in place to consistently provide information to your page visitors, reach out beyond those followers. Allow others outside of your organic network see what you have to offer through sponsored content, product advertising and special announcements. BizSocially will help you get started today.


You need to turn social media advertising into a solution for being seen beyond those users that are connectred to you. its natural organic qualities…so let’s get started now!

Who is this service for?

  • Businesses that are producing and delivering unique content to social media
  • Any business seeking to stay socially connected and reinforce their chosen business persona…

All industry verticals may be supported where unique content is being conveyed to social media.

Once your social media strategy is working, what then? Now you can turn your presence into a true lead-generation engine by using the power of social media advertising. Using the various approaches available within each platform, we will assemble an advertising plan. We work with you to highlight your brand, message, and specific products and services. Using your social media strategy to target specific individuals or groups means that you no longer wait for someone to see your information—you present it to them. This targeted approach is one of the most cost-effective methods for marketing your business today. Contact us for more information on starting your social media advertising program.

Please contact us to learn more or to get started with your BizSocially program.

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