Business Citation Management

$175.00/year and a $50.00 sign-up fee

The “Business Citation Management” or BCM service is per location and billed annually from the date of purchase. We start through the collection of pertinent information about your business location (or locations if that is the case for your business) that you provide through an easy online form. Once we have ensured that your business location is “verified” on Google My Business – we will walk that process through on your behalf if that is not already completed – we will start the citation management process. It’s really that easy!

Please add as many subscriptions as you have locations that you want the Internet, and most importantly your clients and prospects, to know about.


You want to manage what the Internet says about your business instead of letting others play the “telephone game” with your information. Our business citation management service creates the linkages to manage that data about your business in a cost effective manner.

Who is this service for?

All businesses seeking to ensure that accurate Internet information exists about their business. This impacts:

  • map searches
  • driving directions
  • keyword lookups
  • SEO performance

All businesses should proactively manage their Internet citations so every business is eligible for this service.

Have you ever done a search for a business (possibly your own) and wondered why many of the sources have incorrect or old data? In today’s Internet climate, business owners have less and less control over the data about their business – publishers of information are proliferating data about your business, often without the input or knowledge of the business owner. The need for citation management has become a top-priority!

Upon execution of a business citation management subscription, AllyMark will collect pertinent information from you and then move to create an owner-verified data source that is then pushed out to publishers through the top data aggregators. As the publishers license that data from the aggregators, they are mindful of seeking to enhance and revise data they may already have but may be in error. Elements such as hours of operation, services listing, keywords and categorization of services are all elements that we consider and manage as appropriate.

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