What are you doing to manage your online brand?

BizSocially is here to easily and inexpensively answer the question of managing your online brand for you.

Reality Check!

If you can’t afford $4-$5 per day to address your business’ online presence with BizSocially, then stop reading, don’t research other solutions because those that do something more than a software screen of Internet content to re-post on your page WILL be more expensive than that and decide to do it yourself.

Oh, and the reality check is that 9 times out of 10, businesses won’t manage their online presence themselves.

So…do yourself a favor and spend a few more minutes with us.

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What Distinguishes BizSocially from Other Companies?

There are lots of companies/consultants that will create a social media posting schedule for your business. Most focus on one social platform and then try to convince you that quantity is better than quality.

How we are different:

  1. We spend time considering the content that will be posted onto your page. We don’t blindly follow an artificial intelligence program that searches for keywords and phrases to then blindly post on your page. If filling space on your page is what you are looking for then just post cat-videos yourself – people love those!
  2. We post on all 4 top social platforms for business: Facebook; Google+; LinkedIn; Twitter
  3. We focus on this program like most businesses need to – as a commodity to address a specific concern**
  4. Many of our posts are branded with your business brand – we create visual posts with your logo embedded so when it is shared it is branded as it “travels”
  5. We look at your Internet presence more broadly than just social media and seek to integrate disciplines where practical and as your budget can afford – e.g. email contact program
**It is important to note that many marketing businesses routinely charge hundreds and even thousands per month from unwary business owners for a social media marketing strategy. They prey on the genuine desire of business owners to address a need that they know exists but do not understand. Let us explain why that is wrong and why we are different.

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Let BizSocially by AllyMark take over any or all aspects of your social media strategy.

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