Editorial Calendar Posting

$89.00 on the 1st of each month and a $50.00 sign-up fee

The “Editorial Calendar” posting service is billed monthly on the 1st of each month. We charge the $50 setup fee now at order placement so that we may work with you to establish the proper access to your business social media accounts.

Based upon the industry vertical you select from the dropdown list below, and the proper setup and access to your business social media profile, BizSocially will post on your behalf each Tuesday unique industry content. If you do not see your industry represented below, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will evaluate adding your industry vertical to our offering.


You want compelling original content to be posted on your social media but not the available budget to offer to a uniquely custom content development program. The Editorial Calendar posting program is the solution that is right for your business.

Who is this service for?

  • Personal Services – e.g. Consultant; Attorney; Realtor; Plumber, General Contractor, and so on…
  • Any business seeking to provide unique, topical content to their page visitors

Currently we support the following industries, but look to add new industries as demand requires:

  • Industrial
  • Construction Trades
  • Realtor
  • More specific industry verticals may be supported within our Concierge Support Services

Looking for an even more focused content that is completely original and never before seen on the Internet for your social media strategy posting? Then the BizSocially Editorial Calendar service is for you. Plainly said, we offer this content to the clients that engage this program so those clients benefit from the creation of custom content for their clients and page visitors at a fraction of the cost of commissioned works. See our current general business editorial calendar here. We also have industry-specific calendars that we support as well. Contact us to learn more.

Please contact us to learn more or to get started with your BizSocially program.

No pressure…just answers. Really!