BizSocially Social Media Program

This is not just a posting service, rather it is a social media program designed to provide the business owner specific guidance to acheive a robust social media presence with as little effort as possible.

The BizSocially social media program provides directed support though mulitple phases based upon what the client needs* and orders:

Startup – during this initial phase, we ensure the social media business profile is in place and constructed according to best practice. Banner, profile image, company history and services description are among many elements that we review and refine. Oh, and we start posting to the profile too during this time as well.

Adoption – here we work with the business owner to ensure their new social media presence is as “connected” as possible by engaging specifc and deliberate steps. This includes specific outreach actions that we guide the business owner through.

Support – during this phase, we settle into ongoing support of the social media program including reporting and ongoing evaluation. This includes the potential for increasing brand awarensess through advertsing and other specific options available in the various platforms.

Evolution – your business changes and so should your social media program overtime. Here we look at what collateral areas that may need to be addressed and how to adjust to the changing landscape for your business.

*Note – we understand that resources are limited and therefore we support only providing the services that are needed. We will work with each business owner to refine the social media program to meet their specific needs.

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